Beats By Dre Monster

<a href="" title="SYNC by 50"><strong>SYNC by 50</strong></a> If you’re like most of us, you woke up one morning this week and realized it’s almost December,<strong>SYNC by 50</strong> and the holidays are swiftly approaching. <a href="" title="STREET by 50"><strong>STREET by 50</strong></a> And, of course, you still don’t know what to get a few people on your list.We all know that headphones are a dime a dozen. <strong>STREET by 50</strong> But a headphone that receives equal points for style and functionality, however, is a rare find. <a href="" title="sms by 50"><strong>sms by 50</strong></a> Some of our friends in the press know SMS Audio headphones fit the bill, <strong>sms by 50</strong> and recommend you put them on your holiday shopping list this year: <a href="" title="Beats By Dre Monster"><strong>Beats By Dre Monster</strong></a> Rolling Stone included the limited edition Yellow STREET by 50 over-ear headphones in its 2012 holiday gift guide featured in the December issue.<strong>Beats By Dre Monster</strong>What did Rolling Stone have to say about SMS Audio?

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