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P Mrs. McCluskey) and a wedding (Renee in a stolen wedding dress)&hellip;all in one episode! The two-hour finale certainly had a lot going on, but did it give the ladies an ending they deserved? Vote in the poll below and then head to the comments to give the girls a proper goodbye. PHOTOS: Desperate Housewives' OMG Moments!ABC/FLORIAN SCHNEIDER Update, 3:50 p.m.: E! News caught up exclusively with the actor who is being killed
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as anyone in my opinion, but he's still a rookie and it's difficult. But where he is hasn't been a surprise to me, he's right on target."-Shurmur has developed in his second year as a head coach, and Holmgren senses a confidence he didn't see last season."He feels much better about knowing who he has, he's told me that, and that seems to me pretty obvious," Holmgren said. "He's very involved in practice. He's more involved with everybody tha
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ounts. And besides, at least this time he only drew his hand, and not other, unseemly body parts, as he’s done during past charitable efforts.Make sure to check in at The Forks Report for all things Twilight-related.Charles Barkley has never claimed to be an actor, but the former NBA baller took a break from his TNT gig to host Saturday Night Live for the third time (and act in a few skits while he was at it)."It's great to be hosting S
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s "comprised substantially of excerpts from the Beastie Boys Sound Recordings and the Beastie Boys Musical Compositions totaling more than three minutes in duration."The tunes in question include "Sabotage," "So Whatcha Want" and "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun." Beastie Boys sued over Paul's Boutique tunes "The text accompanying Monster's internet postings, video and MP3 conveyed to consumers the impression that Beastie Boys permitted the;u=76244

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