Converse First String

This paragraph does not photocopied album cover image, but the design of fusion band logo at the upper, main section sneakers black and white, with gold <a href = "http://www.converse1970. com/shoes-index-53.html "> converse 1970 </ a> is a serious music complement each other. Fourth paragraph canvas shoes Sabbath band combines the expertise <a href = ""> converse open smile </ a> series "Vol.4 "cover design, <a href=""> new balance 580 </ a> album name to the top of the metal in the shoe tongue yellow photocopies, very striking eye-catching. <a href=""> new balance 990 </ a> The family footwear priced from $ 60 (about 362.7 yuan) to $ 70 (about 423.2 yuan), expected landing will soon be available in major stores sales.

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